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Communication Ready

A 3 week online workshop providing you the tools to master effective communication, understand your communication style and patterns, and navigate conflicts.

In this workshop we will cover



  • Learn about different communication styles 

  • Look at communication habits that increase the likelihood of relationship breakdown

  • Explore your style of communication 

  • Find the causes of your communication struggles and ways to address them



  • Understand how you process information and your communication preferences 

  • Discover how others process and how they prefer to communicate

  • Create a blueprint for communication in your relationships



  • Learn about common communication killers

  • Gain tools to diffuse conflicts

  • Practice communicating and expressing yourself in a confrontation

communication skills, relationship coaching, life coaching, mental health coaching, emotional health coaching

What You Can Expect

Communication Ready is about equipping you with communication skills to build your relationships, grow connection and avoid relationship breakdown. During these three weeks you can expect to:

Explore and learn about your personal style of communication

Address the causes of your communication struggles 

Gain tools to communicate honestly in a honoring way

Create a blueprint for communication that will help you connect in your relationships

Learn to navigate confrontations and diffuse conflicts

Experience a safe space to share, grow and practice new skills

With Rui Qi Lim

MSSc Social Work, RSW
Founder of Wholeness Wellness Bar

Counselor, life coach, relationship coach, mental health coach, emotional health coach

Rui Qi Lim is a social worker and coach passionate about empowering freedom and seeing others walk in wholeness to experience a thriving life. She helps individuals of all ages and cultures heal from pain, receive breakthrough, discover identity and purpose, and embrace and love their authentic self. Rui Qi has worked with clients throughout the US, Singapore, Hong Kong, Australia, Malaysia, the UK, Philippines and more. She holds an MSSc in Social Work and is a registered social worker in Hong Kong, as well as trained and certified in inner healing techniques and mental health first aid.

Through one on one sessions, as well as workshops, Rui Qi has helped individuals learn to: Process and release painful emotions and thoughts so they can experience healing and be free from brokenness; Grow in self-awareness and discover who they are and their purpose in life; Be unashamed of their true self, grow in self-love and self-care and be empowered to live confidently and authentically.

Rui Qi believes that being healed from pain and trauma is important but possessing the tools and skills to build a whole and healthy life is crucial as well. She loves equipping others to live out change and empowering them to be the best version of themselves.

What Others Are Saying About Us

The workshop started with a calming vibe along with interactive activities afterwards. I have personally experienced much more freedom and clarity.

- IS

Rui Qi is a natural facilitator. Her presence is calming, caring and relaxed. She exudes confidence but in a way that is inviting, inspiring and makes people feel welcome to be themselves.

- RL

A highlight from our time together was your non-judgmental attitude towards me that made me feel safe to share and come back to you. Another highlight was your structured questions helped me to think in broader terms.

- Past Client

Say goodbye to communication breakdowns!

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