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About Wholeness Wellness Bar

Counselor, life coach, relationship coach, mental health coach, emotional health coach

Hello, glad you found us!

If you’re here, chances are you’re looking for change and wanting support in your journey towards a satisfying and meaningful life. 

At Wholeness Wellness Bar, you can expect a safe space to:


  • Heal from negative or painful experiences and process difficult emotions and thoughts

  • Learn to have a healthy relationship with yourself and others

  • Be unashamed of your true self, grow in self-awareness, self-love and self-care and be empowered to live confidently and authentically

  • Discover who you are and your purpose in life

Healing and Freedom

Using counselling and inner healing techniques, I work with you to discover what’s happening on the inside and process and release hurt, trauma, difficult emotions and negative thinking patterns.

Together, we identify and overcome unhealthy beliefs, destructive cycles, triggers and root issues, as well as come up with new solutions and an action plan.

You can expect freedom from the past and burdens weighing you down, breakthrough where you feel stuck and healing for your emotions and heart. Growing in resilience, self-value and self-compassion is also common for clients who work with me.

Online counseling and life coach. Mental health coach. Improve emotional health, self love, self care

Loving Yourself and Life

Online counseling and life coach. Mental health coach. Improve emotional health, self love, self care

Through life coaching and life consulting, we work together for you to discover your identity, your purpose, core values and what you truly want in life. You'll grow in embracing who you are and develop a healthy relationship with yourself and others.

I serve as an unbiased sounding board and ask questions to encourage you to gain new perspective, as well as empower and equip you to navigate obstacles and make positive changes in your life.

Together, we will identify blockages holding you back, set goals and come up with strategies to reach those objectives.

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