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Meet Rui Qi

Counselor, life coach, relationship coach, mental health coach, emotional health coach

“You don’t need more healing. You need to learn how to live your life. You’re so busy trying to figure out what’s wrong with you and fixing yourself that you don’t know how to live.”

I remember the day that I had this revelation. After going through rounds of inner healing and counselling I was so used to trying to fix everything that was wrong with me and to deal with all of my issues. Did I know how to live though? Like truly live? 

Pain and
brokenness were familiar to me and I knew what to do with it BUT I wasn’t so sure how to have a healthy relationship with myself or others, how to go after my dreams or even how to love and care for myself. I decided it was time to switch my focus and ever since that day, I’ve been on a journey not of fixing myself but of learning to love myself.

My Focus

This has also shaped how I interact and work with my clients. 

I don’t believe in being problem focused but PERSON focused and concentrating on what is needed for them to have a full, flourishing life.
Yes, I deal with the difficult thoughts, painful emotions, pain and baggage you may carry but that’s because they stop you from being free and whole and living the life you want.

I believe that you can be healed from pain and trauma but it doesn’t mean you have the tools or know how to build a whole and healthy life. Healing is half of the equation and being empowered and equipped with practical tools and skills is the other half.

This is why I work both with those who are dealing with pain, as well as those who aren’t carrying past or present trauma but want to grow in having a healthy relationship with themselves and others. I offer counselling and inner healing to address brokenness and hurt and also coaching and consulting for you to discover and love your true self and live an abundant life aligned to your values.

Online counseling and life coach. Mental health coach. Improve emotional health, self love, self care

Background and Experience

  • BA degree from Haverford College, USA

  • MSSc in Social Work degree from Chinese University of Hong Kong

  • Registered Social Worker in Hong Kong

  • Trained and Certified in Inner Healing and Mental Health First Aid

  • Experience working with those going through low self-esteem, self-blame, anxiety, stress, shame, depression, hopelessness, insomnia, anger, broken relationships, chronic illness and more.

  • Topics frequently addressed include life and career transitions, setting boundaries, handling conflicts, successful communication, self-love, self-care, self-talk, limiting mindsets, finding core values, meeting goals and pursuing dreams.

My Perspective

Online counseling and life coach. Mental health coach. Improve emotional health, self love, self care

My perspective isn’t one of lack where I try and fix you but one where I see your potential and possibility for learning, healing and growing. I fully believe in partnering with you and my working style is interactive, dynamic and person-centered. I love helping others live out change and empowering them to be the best version of themselves.

I also believe that true healing, growth and transformation is so much more than following a checklist or formula. Being told you have a problem or having more information handed to you doesn’t necessarily lead to lasting change. Having a safe space where you experience non-judgment, kindness, gentleness and patience makes all the difference. It matters to me that you feel believed in, supported and understood! 

What's your story?

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