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Improve relationships and self love, online counseling, life coaching, relationship coaching

Relationship Deep Dive

Six online individual sessions helping you deal with struggles, fears and triggers in your relationships. Sessions are personalized based on your needs and relationship goals and focused on equipping you with tools for healthy connection and intimacy while being true to yourself.  

What You Can Expect

Relationship Deep Dive is about taking a real and honest look at your relationships and working towards where you'd like it to be. This involves growing in self-awareness, taking ownership, processing emotions and experiences, as well as gaining skills to build healthy relationships. 

During these six sessions you can expect to:


  • Recognize and name your needs, expectations and goals in your relationship​

  • Discover and learn what works and doesn’t work for you in a relationship

  • Set and keep boundaries effectively 

  • Learn to grow trust in a relationship and work through fears and trust issues

  • Find and address the causes of triggers and struggles in your relationship

  • Learn to share meaningful connection while staying true to yourself and who you are

  • Gain tools to communicate effectively and avoid relationship breakdown

  • Increase your ability to navigate confrontations, diffuse conflicts and reduce stress in your relationship

  • Experience one on one support, accountability and a safe space to share your challenges, as well as learn and practice new skills

* Topics addressed may vary as sessions are personalized based on each individual's needs and goals

Who It's For

Relationship Deep Dive could be the right fit for you if:

You feel unsatisfied and discontent in your relationships

You find yourself stuck in unhealthy relationship patterns 

You are confused about or have trouble with boundaries

You lack confidence in connecting with or interacting with others 

You want deep, meaningful relationships but don't know how to go about it

You find it challenging to address and navigate conflicts and tensions in relationships

Your Investment

Relationship Deep Dive includes:

  • 6 online sessions (1 hour 15 minutes each) scheduled at your convenience 

  • 1 free consultation call to set goals and discuss how your relationship can change

  • Personalized content tailor fit to your needs and goals

  • Coaching and counseling (as based on individual needs)

  • Check ins and prompts for processing and reflecting on your growth

  • Activities to track your progress between sessions

  • Assignments to practice skills between sessions 

  • Support and accountability between sessions via text and voice messaging 

Your Investment:

Payment is accepted in the form of a single upfront payment for all six sessions OR per session. Payments are non-refundable.


Upfront payment:
USD 500 for six sessions

Payment per session:
USD 90 per session

With Rui Qi Lim

MSSc Social Work, RSW
Founder of Wholeness Wellness Bar

Online counseling and life coach. Mental health coach. Improve emotional health, self love, self care

Rui Qi Lim is a mental health practitioner, social worker and relationship coach passionate about empowering freedom and seeing others walk in wholeness to experience a thriving life. She helps individuals of all ages and cultures heal from pain, receive breakthrough, discover identity and purpose, and embrace and love their authentic self. When working together, you can expect to challenge negative unhelpful thinking, overcome limiting mindsets, grow in self-care, self-love and learn to have a healthy relationship with yourself and others.

Rui Qi has worked with clients throughout the US, Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Australia, the UK, Philippines and more. She holds an MSSc in Social Work and is a registered social worker in Hong Kong, as well as trained and certified in inner healing techniques and mental health first aid.


Through one on one sessions, as well as workshops, Rui Qi has helped individuals learn to: Process and release painful emotions and thoughts so they can experience healing and be free from brokenness; Grow in self-awareness and discover who they are and their purpose in life; Be unashamed of their true self, grow in self-love and self-care and be empowered to live confidently and authentically.

Rui Qi believes that being healed from pain and trauma is important but possessing the tools and skills to build a whole and healthy life is crucial as well. She loves equipping others to live out change and empowering them to be the best version of themselves.

What Clients Are Saying

My relationship with my family has also changed for the better. Having put burdens down, my heart is more relaxed, my temperament is much better. I am more joyful than before and I have a more positive perspective. People around me can also feel my change! 

- TC

I'm much clearer about boundaries now compared to before. I now know the different steps to effective boundaries. It starts with what I want, there's also regulating my own emotions when upset and I also need to enforce my boundaries. 

- Past Client

A highlight from our time together was your non-judgmental attitude towards me that made me feel safe to share and come back to you. Another highlight was your structured questions helped me to think in broader terms.

- Past Client

I want change in my relationships!

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