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Online counseling and life coach. Mental health coach. Improve emotional health, self love, self care

Breakthrough Awaits

Let go of pain + Heal your heart 
Love yourself + Love your life
Live with purpose + Live with authenticity

I Help

Those dealing with pain or negativity to process and release painful emotions and thoughts so they can experience healing and be free from brokenness.

Those doubting themselves and feeling lost to grow in self-awareness and to discover who they are and their purpose in life.

Those wanting to love themselves to be unashamed of their true self, grow in self love and self care and be empowered to live confidently and authentically.  

What Past Clients Are Saying 

Originally, I had only hoped to improve my relationship with my family but through this time of inner healing I gained so much more than I expected. 


Through this online session I was able to put down pain from the past. I learnt that forgiving others means I no longer need to let things from the past continue to hurt me and to not let past experiences hinder my growth.


My relationship with my family has also changed for the better. Having put burdens down, my heart is more relaxed, my temperament is much better, I am more joyful than before and I have a more positive perspective. People around me can also feel my change! 

- TC, Hong Kong

Testimonials for online counseling, life coaching, mental health help

Meet Rui Qi 

Counselor, life coach, relationship coach, self love coach, emotional health coach

"It's so important to address the root causes instead of just targeting your behavior and controlling or modifying symptoms of deeper problems or unhealthy patterns. If you don't deal with the why, it's bound to show up in other areas of your life or in other ways.


Healing and transformation needs to address not just external actions and situations but the internal as well. Your heart, feelings and thoughts matter! Lasting change is possible only when you engage with the inside as well." 


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